Sellers Questions When Listing with an Agent

When selling be sure to read your listing agreement and understand it.  Don't be afraid to ask questions of your potential listing agent.

Here are a few I have been asked along the way:

Do I have to list for a year?   No you do not. Discuss with your agent what best suits your needs and the time it is going to take to sell your property.

Because so many owners are seasonal and only visit their Florida home occasionally during the year it may be rented or occupied at certain times.  Sellers ask: Can I sell my home while it is occupied by seasonal or annual renter.  Selling a home while it is rented by a seasonal renter is difficult.  Imagine you are on vacation and the owner of the property tells you that they are going to be real estate agents showing the home and you will need to accomodate them. Usually seasonal or annual renters motivation for allowing showings is that they want to return the next year or stay on as renters when the new owner takes over.  It takes a special situation for this to work well. 

Should we leave for showings?  Yes, it is best to allow agents and their buyers the freedon to look at your home and discuss things without feeling self counsious that you are there.  It also allows the buyers to  envision themselves as owners of the home achieving your goal of selling your home.  


Do you have a question about selling?  Please email, text or call.   I am just here to help.  Yes I would love to assist you in your real estate needs!